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 As interesting as it is to see Chris, Beth, Danny, and Wallow handle their latest intergalactic fight, as the show progresses the most interesting questions happen at the edges of this universe. Exactly when did the conflicted Chris (Alex Walsh) fully realize the tolls of being an Emotion Lord, Bravest Warriors‘ nod to Doctor Who? And how does that revelation affect him when no one is watching? Does the true leader of this group Beth (Liliana Mumy) ever get tired of being pushed to aside for Chris? How about the snarky inventor Danny (John Omohundro) and the optimistic muscle Wallow (Ian Jones-Quartey)? Do they ever get frustrated about their lot in this adventure epic that rarely seems to focus on them?

This is all without touching on the mystery that is Plum (Tara Strong), Bravest Warriors‘ unofficial 5th member. Everything from what Plum’s thinking to her complicated relationship with her second brain stands an engaging enigma. The fact that Ward has created yet another dynamic and animated LGBT hero without treating her any differently than the other Warriors is just icing on the cake.

Most of these small moments are lost in between the short bursts of action. But that doesn’t mean they’re not happening off screen or that they’re unimportant. It’s not uncommon for two characters to start one episode on good terms only to seem vaguely cool toward one another the next. It’s a kind of flashing storytelling that’s rarely been utilized on any part of television, let alone animation.

In between these universe-scattering revelations, there are some of the oddest wonders Ward and his team have ever imagined. Really, any episode of Bravest Warriors brings with it memorable sci-fi delights, but the timeline-jumping Catbug and Beth’s Paralyzed Horse are two standouts. Half ladybug and half cat, Catbug is absurdly adorable, adding a dose of grounding levity to every episode its in. And Paralyzed Horse, a character that completely ceased to function after it saw the meaning of the universe, is an inspired character at the height of strange

Bravest Warriors isn’t quite the masterpiece Adventure Time was. Sometimes its episodes move too quickly with too little context. Sometimes its more mature jokes and plot points feel forced, almost as if the series is trying to be edgier just because it can. But even at the height of is oddest experiment, Bravest Warriors still possesses the love and trust that made Adventure Time great. With episodes under shorter than the average YouTube video, why not watch?




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